2015 CWS Championship Series




A Series of Respect

Both coaches, both teams hold the other in high regard. Both have been here before, a year ago to be exact. In 2014 Vanderbilt earned the right to hoist the trophy and now, it’s again up for grabs.

Vanderbilt and Virginia will square off Monday night beginning a best of 3 series to determine the 2015 National Champion.



Little Things

Both sides have talked extensively about the small things and how taking care of them results in the bigger things taking care of themselves. With the ‘new’ ball in play, the strategy has changed in Omaha and hitters are getting rewarded for squaring up a pitch. But that hasn’t changed the importance of moving runners, getting bunts down and being smart on the bases. Virginia slugger Daniel Pinero was asked about his role in the 7th inning when given the bunt sign and had this reply:

“Yeah, I mean it's always fun to see home runs. But college baseball is still, I think, a game of moving runners, and I mean very few runs are scored, I think. And I mean moving runners has a big thing to do with college baseball. And I mean laying down the bunt, had to do anything for my team.” 



Mound Shape

When it comes to the battle on the bump, Virginia’s extra game on Saturday will make the mountain a taller climb. Although starting the series with a rested Connor Jones, Virginia may need to find a way to extend the best of 3 series and even then will still be throwing pitchers on shorter rest. The Cavalier’s plan is to start the series with Connor Jones and Vanderbilt will counter with Carson Fulmer on full rest and Philip Pfeifer ready to go on Tuesday for Game 2.




Another great series is in store. It will be a battle each inning, as it should be.

We have the best 2 Division 1 Baseball Teams duking it out.

When asked about the feeling of taking the trophy home to Charlottesville, Coach O’Connor said:

“I don't know about that. I'd have to talk to Tim about how it is to hoist that thing. He's been able to do it and certainly earned it. It was a great series last year. It really was. It was as competitive as it gets.”


This 2015 series will be as competitive as it gets, too.


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