2019 College World Series Pitching Report-Gm. 2




OMAHA, NEBRASKA--With a devastating slider and a heater that was difficult to catch up to, Freshman Kumar Rocker put the Vanderbilt Commodores right back into the thick of this Championship Series on Tuesday Night. The 4- 1 win forces a Game 3 Wednesday night at TD Ameritrade Park.

"We had the right guy on the mound:, said Coach Corbin after Game 2. "I was asked a lot of questions about him prior to today, and the thing that I knew that he would give us is compete. There's no doubt in my mind. I know the fibers of the kid. I know how he's directed. I know how he thinks. I know how he attacks, and I felt like we had a chance today with him on the mound, as I do with all of them, but it was just one of those situations that you're asking a young man to come into a situation that he has been in before, and he did a very nice job, especially in the third and fourth when it got a little bit tough. Second and third, one out, second and third, two outs, and he took off some good hitters. He got us deep into that ballgame."

Tyler Brown came in for 2 2/3 and finished what Rocker started- A SOLID Outing.


Michigan used 6 Pitchers throughout the contest.


Isaiah Paige got the start for the Wolverines, tossing a total of 60 pitches with 10 First Pitch Strikes. Through his 4 innings Paige struck out 5 and gave up 3 hits, ending his outing with a Strike% of 68.33.

Benjamin Keizer came in relief throwing a total of 25 pitches and recording a Strike% of 52. Keizer was followed by Jack Weisenburger (33.33%)/Angelo Smith (62.96%)/Willie Weiss (66.67%) and Walker Cleveland (71.43%). As a Pitching Staff, the Wolverines tossed 153 Pitches with 22 First Pitch Strikes and allowed 4 Runs while striking out 10, giving up 6 hits and 5 walks (2 IBB). With their 95 Strikes the Staff % was recorded at 62.09%.


Game 3 is slated for Wednesday at 6:00. 



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Vanderbilt Spray Chart

vs Michigan


Finals Game 2



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