Three-Ball Drill

3-Ball Drill


We try to do this drill everyday with our outfielders, either as a quick warm-up or a detailed drill.


Line your outfielders up behind you with one out in front of you, roughly 20 yards away. When the ball goes up, he runs to his throwing-hand side and coach throws it to him on the run. He catches, plants, makes an accurate throw(shagger is next player in line) and starts running glove-hand side.  Again, coach hits him on the run. After the catch, he has to plant, reposition and make an accurate throw to the shagger.

With the third ball, we launch it straight over his head to where he runs back, gets behind the ball, catches on throwing-hand side and makes an accurate throw to the shagger. After the last catch he hustles to the back of the line. The shagger hands Coach the 3 baseballs and hustles out in front of him and the drill begins again.