Pitch Locator PLUS

We invite you to try our Free Pitch Locator PLUS app!


Download GameGrade's Pitch Locator App from the App store.

Input pitches, change hitters, innings as much as needed. Add your data.


After pitch type, hit type and outcome have been entered into the app, you will be given the following options:


A Snapshot reminder will come up on your screen along with other options. Here, you can move to the next batter, change innings or upload your pitches. When you are ready to upload, simply choose the 'Upload Pitches' option on the menu. If you advance to the next screen, but want to upload your pitches, use the Upload Button at the bottom of your screen. (Circled in Red) Each time you take a snapshot of the data, the snapshot is stored in your Photos cache. If you want to view data from the dugout during the game, simply use the snapshot feature and you can roll through the pictures from the dugout. You will still be able to upload your pitches to an account while using the snapshot feature.

When you upload your pitches, you will be taken to a sign in screen. Use the information below to upload:

Login:         AppleReview
Password: AppleReview

After entering the login and password, press upload to send your pitches to the GameGrade Apple Review Account.

After your pitches are uploaded, the app will tell you the number of pitches you uploaded and that the upload to the GameGrade account is complete.

Once your pitches are uploaded to the GameGrade AppleReview Account, go to www.gamegrade.com.

Sign in to the GameGrade Website with the information below:

Login:         AppleReview
Password: AppleReview

Once logged in, you will be taken to the AppleReview MyPage:

A 'Pitches' link appears in the left menu when pitches are uploaded to the account.

When you click on 'Pitches' on the left menu bar, you will be taken to the Pitches Page. Use the dropdown box at the upper left of the page to choose the date you uploaded your pitches. That is the only part of the Filter you will be able to use with this account.

You will be able to go through each at bat that you uploaded by clicking on the At Bat buttons.

-Please remember, this is a shared account. There may be other pitches on the AppleReview MyPage.
-Generally, the page is cleared on a weekly basis. You are welcome to clear the account (delete all pitches) BEFORE you upload your pitches.
-You can use the data you uploaded to filter.
-You can also use the name(s) you uploaded to identify your pitches.
-You can roll through ALL pitches that have been uploaded at that time or just the pitches you uploaded.
-With this FREE DEMO account, here is what you CAN do:

What you can do on the AppleReview MyPage
Use the At-Bat function to roll through uploaded pitches. Your pitches will appear in the sequence and type in which you input the pitches.
See the different ways subscribers can filter their pitch data.
See where the pitching stats and first pitch stats are totaled.
See the full functioning Online Pitching Chart.

What you can't do on the AppleReview MyPage, but can with a subscription.
You cannot filter your pitch data unless you upgrade your account.
You cannot see pitch stats and first pitch stats without an upgrade.
You do not have access to the Online Pitching Chart.

If you currently have a GameGrade Account, you can upload pitches at any time to the account. There is no charge for the app or for the uploading.  You will be able to study your uploaded pitches. Remember, you must have an account. If you don't have an account, the pitches will not upload.
If you would like to upgrade your subscription to use more features, simply click 'Upgrade' on your Pitches page, or click Subscribe on the top menu bar.
By choosing a $5 Personal Subscription, you will be able to use the At Bat function as well as use the filter function to specify your pitch data.
By choosing a $10 Optimal Subscription, you will be able to use ALL functions previously listed as well as the Online Pitching Chart. This includes the ability to export your data and create hard copies of your pitching chart.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Send us your feedback! We are always looking to make things better.