Baseball Report: Cal vs. Texas A&M

College Station, Texas-  Solid pitching and solid defense are a tough combination. Top it off with a walk-off homerun and you have a great team effort.
So went the California Golden Bears on Saturday night against the Aggies of Texas A&M.
The Bear's Ryan Mason bounced back from a shaky 1st inning to pitch an outstanding 7 innings. Mason threw a total of 94 pitches and allowed 1 run, the run coming in the first frame. Of those 94 pitches, 58 were strikes giving Ryan a 61.7 strike percentage.
A short stint by Muse-Fisher was followed by a pounding of the zone from pitchers Dylan Nelson and Erik Martinez, with Martinez finishing the game with a 68.9 strike percentage and striking out 3 while giving up 3 hits with his 29 total pitches.
Nelson, who threw strikes at a rate of 55.77 percent and a total of 52 pitches got a lift from Brian Celsi who robbed A&M of a 2-run homerun by skying above the wall and making the snag. Several double plays from California's defense shut the Aggie offense down throughout the 14 innings played. And the walk-off? Cal's LHH Mitchell Kranson goes deep to end the contest and put the finishing touch on an outstanding team effort.

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Texas A&M Spray Chart vs. California


Cal Pitching Line vs. Texas A&M

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