Building Templates

If you are a Personal Subscriber or an Optimal Subscriber, GameGrade allows you to build your very own grading template(s)!

Building a template within your philosophical boundaries for your players is easy!

Here are the steps to follow:


1. Go to your MyPage.

2. From your MyPage, click on 'Templates' found on the left-side navigation bar.

3. Click 'Add a template'.


4. Give your template a name. Ex.: NewTown Varsity Football Offense

5. Fill in the Attributes you want graded in the first box, give a brief description if desired, and then give that attribute a value. The value must be positive (+) or negative (-).

Ex.:  +3



6. You can add as many attributes as you want.

7. When finished, click save and your template is done!

Now, when you go to grade your players, click on the name of the template you created and keep 'em accountable!