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Seller Information

-If you are interested in selling your chart(s) fill out the Charts Form provided HERE.

-Email your chart(s) AND the Charts Form to:

-After review of your chart(s) we will notify you via email if we post your chart(s) and find the information you provided on our Charts Form is sufficient.

-Once your chart(s) are posted you will be an eligible seller.

When you submit your chart, you agree to the following:

Submitting Charts:

-All charts are reviewed.

-Chart submission does not guarantee posting/marketing. reserves the right to refuse a chart or charts.

-There is no guarantee of sales or revenue.

-Sellers who submit charts agree to Terms & Conditions as well as terms and conditions listed on this page.


-We will host your chart(s) FREE of CHARGE.

-All sellers will set their own chart prices and receive 70% of the purchase price of each chart sold. will retain 30% of the purchase price to pay for Marketing, Invoicing, Publishing, Storing and Delivering.

-Seller must have and maintain a valid PayPal account.

Payment is only made upon the sale of your chart. Not on the acceptance, posting or publishing of your chart. All payouts are sent via PayPal and are paid no earlier than the 25th of each month.


-You retain ownership of your chart(s) and may distribute in other locations. is granted rights to publish, market, sell and distribute your chart indefinitely.


-Seller assumes all liability for the content of his or her chart and absolves, its owners and all other users of any liability for damages caused by the use of the seller’s chart.