Chart Customization Information

We use PayPal for all transactions. You do not need a PayPal account. Simply make your chart purchases by credit card through our GameGrade PayPal Invoice.

*Please add $20.00+tax to any chart we make editable.

GameGrade's Player Chart Example:


                                                           Customized                                                                                  Customized/Editable



Editable Example:   Coaches Lineup Card



And now your card looks like this! We can make ANY area editable you prefer!


Pricing Example: If you are a Subscriber and like our Coaches Cards the way they are, there is NO CHARGE. If you want them customized for your team, there will be a $10.00+tax charge for the customization.

If you want the cards customized and editable (made for you to type in), there will be a $10.00 charge for the customization and a *$20.00 charge for the editable version for a total of $30.00+tax.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@mygamegrade and we will quote you a price before work begins.

Thank you.


Rosters:  $15.00+tax {Available in .pdf version/*Editable}

-Email us your names/numbers/positions and anything else you would like us to add. We will include your school colors and the logo you send us!


Custom-Built Chart:  $25.00+tax {.pdf version}

-Any chart.Your way. Just give us the details and we will build it.


Custom-Built Grading Template: $35.00+tax

-A grading template to match your scorebook.

It doesn't matter what the scorebook is. Simply download our Attribute/Value form, email it to us and we will build your own, personal Grading Template.


Custom-Built Working Spreadsheet: $35.50+tax 

-We will build a spreadsheet to meet your needs. Whether it's player totals, game totals or season totals we will design a spreadsheet for you.


Our Charts (With Registration): $8.00+tax

-1 FREE with Registration

-For $10.00/chart, we will add your logo and team colors to your GameGrade Charts.

Our Charts (Without Registration): $18.50+tax

-Just interested in our Charts? Let us know and we will email our pre-made charts to you.


Custom Color/Logo to any chart: $10.00+tax

-1 FREE with an Optimal Subscription!

-If you like our Free Charts and want them customized for your team, let us know and we will add your team colors and logo to the chart.


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Please email us at for complete, detailed information.