Stats - Stats - Stats

We love stats. They drive us. We use them to teach. We use them to evaluate.


Base hits/rbi/on base %/stolen bases…..the list goes on.


But GameGrade takes you deeper. Let’s go back to the stolen bases. Did the runner get a good jump or a bad one? Did he/she get a good jump and get thrown out without a chance or was it a bad jump that led to being thrown out.


There’s a difference!


Grade it and the answer is before you!


Grade it and you can teach it even more in-depth!


It means so much more to a player who sees a -2 on a grade sheet because he/she didn’t get a good jump on the pitcher.


More than hearing, ‘well, you just didn’t get a good jump on that one’.


Make it a point!


Make it a stat.


You work on stealing and you expect your baserunners to get a good jump every single time!


Grade it! It WILL make a difference.


You can grade with our templates or your own. And we’ll help you in any way we can. That’s why we’re here.


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