Attention To Detail




Paying attention to detail can lead to wins.

Overlooking details can sometimes be costly and detrimental to the quality of your work or the work of your team.


Detail isn’t necessarily cool. But it’s necessary for success.


Looking in a ground ball. Two hands catching a fly ball.  

If a player does each of these every time, the chances of that player making a successful play rise. 


Mistakes happen. Errors happen.


But attention to detail will lead to fewer and fewer mistakes.

Mental errors???  Harder to swallow than physical? I think so too.

-Be in the right spot.

-Don’t be a spectator.



It’s  ALL in the details……..and here are a few things to think about as you prepare your workouts going into the Baseball/Softball Season:



1-      It’s always good to start with a list. What do you want to accomplish today? What do you need to focus on today?


2-      From your list, make a detailed Practice Plan. Use the Plan to stay on track and keep things moving between workout segments. Once your plan is complete, you can use your list to double-check and verify each segment or drill has been placed on the Plan. If you don’t get all segments and drills on your plan, you still have your list to go from the next workout day.


3-      Plan in advance. In addition to daily lists, you should keep long-term lists. You know when your games are and what you need to work on. Even if things change, if you have your Thursday practice outlined on Monday, when Thursday rolls around, all you have to do is add or subtract segments or drills instead of making a complete workout on that day.


4-      Limit your distractions as you’re making your Plan. Interruptions can lead to lost details or details that may become foggy once you put your pencil down to do something else.


5-      Avoid overloading your Practice Plan.  It’s always good to get a lot done. But putting too much on the plate can lead to over-looking segments or drills or even rushing through and the players coming away with a feeling of doing a lot of things but not accomplishing a whole lot.


The whole idea in detail is accomplishment.

There’s a difference between getting a group of 17 players through BP and teaching 17 players while going through BP.



If you look through our default grading templates, you will notice detail.

            -Running 100% at any base

            -Failure to Tag

            -Failure to Slide

            -Mental Errors (missing the cut-off/not covering a base, etc.)


These are all details usually reinforced on a weekly basis so players are kept aware.

They are small things but they can cut your offensive half inning short or extend your defensive half inning OR vice versa.

Grading these attributes sends the message to players that although these are small details, they can lead to huge outcomes. They are expectations that if not done properly there are consequences. Some of those consequences can be points subtracted when using GameGrade.

Mistakes happen. But if not corrected become glaring.

There’s a difference between just telling a player he needs to tag at 3B on a fly ball with less than 2 outs and taking points off his/her score when failing to do so.

Taking away points is concrete.

It’s something that will always be there. It will be etched into the season grade.

And that’s every attribute. All the positive things a player does bring the cream to the top when you hit the link to rank your players on your MyPage! What a wonderful thing it is to watch players who do what you coach them to do rise to the top of the Rankings or Leaderboard.

And what a difference it makes in your program!



The Detail is in Your Plan


Download our Coaches Practice Plan Card. It’s free and it will fit nicely in your pocket so you won’t have to memorize your schedule or call on the manager to see what to do next or run to the dugout to see what you posted. Heck, since it fits in your pocket, you’ll be able to swing your fungo with BOTH hands EVERYTIME!

There’s also an area where you can make notes in the ‘What we need to do tomorrow’ section for the next day’s detailed workout.

Stay on top of your Detailed Plans with our card. It’s free to download HERE