TRASH The Fade




Difficult task, huh.


But doing it over and over can lead to greater accuracy. Try hitting the can several times and then put an Igloo cooler on the fence post and see what happens!


Narrowing the target area allows for a greater +/-margin of error. Giving your quarterback a more specific target works to that advantage. Put a trash can in the corner of the end zone and tell your quarterback to throw the ball into the trash can. The muscle memory he gets from the reps will help in a game situation where you actually want him to “throw to the corner" of the end zone. Keep the trash can in the corner and move your quarterback back, making the fade a longer and longer throw.


Running a read fade? Have to throw the pocket fade? Set up 2 trash cans. One for the corner/safety playing over the top and one where your guy has him beat. You can do it anywhere on the field. And by giving your quarterbacks a smaller target and goal will help them mentally and physically throw the fade spot on.