Hustle Drill


Conditioning, combined with rehearsal of plays under physical and time stress.


You need a half football field and all offensive Players for this drill. Spot the ball on the 40 yard-line. The starting unit huddles at midfield and the QB calls the play he got signaled from the coach. The starting unit lines up according to the play called and executes the play. When the ball has been thrown (on a pass play) or the Ballcarrier breaks through the line, the whole offense (not only those executing the play but everybody) sprints down into the endzone and huddles around the ballcarrier. Who will break the huddle with shouting "1-2-3" and the whole team replying "score". Then again 11 players form a huddle at the end of the endzone and execute the next play from the goalline out to the 40-yard-line. Rotate players as much as possible. Do that either a fixed number of plays and time the total time or do it for a fixed time and count the plays completed to control if the players really do hustle and if they improve (e.g. less time for the given number of plays or more plays within the given time)

Coaching Points

Make sure the plays are still executed correctly and that everybody is really hustling. Get everybody excited about "scoring" on every play.


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