Football Offseason Hydration


getting ready for 2-a-days when daytime temperatures will be extremely high. Here are some tips to follow:


Hydration: Drink adequate fluid 30 – 45 minutes before exercise and then a cupful every 10 – 20 minutes while exercising. After exercise, drink to satisfy thirst. Some research has indicated that thirst mechanism may not be as effective a gauge of water needs for the over 40 or for the young athlete. Drinking fluid, while exercising and after completion will help speed your recovery. Sport replacement drinks may be superior to water at longer distances and times (over 60 – 90 minutes). The electrolytes and carbohydrates in them will also help speed your recovery from the stress of fluid loss and your long distance run. Somehow they do seem to taste great in the heat and the good taste encourages you to drink more and replace your fluids.

Acclimatization: Gradually build up your tolerance for running in warmer weather.

Dress Cool: Wear light weight shorts and top rather than a t-shirt, to permit evaporation of perspiration.

Avoid: long times of exercise in the heat. In fact, try to avoid training for long times and distances in mid day heat.