Getting Your Charts/Chart Info/Chart Ideas to GameGrade

Ways to Get Your Charts and Chart Ideas To Us:

Word/Excel/.pdf/Photo/Paper Copies/Drawings

Upload Information Page

Scan and Email

If you prefer email, after scanning and attaching to an email, send the file to the corresponding email address listed below: 

Chart To Sell:      
Chart To Share:      
Chart To Build:      


If you prefer mailing copies of a chart you want replicated or a drawing of one you want built, please mail all photos and paper copies to the address below. Also include any pertinent information required for the chart. You can also email your chart information.
P.O. Box 117
Kemp, Texas  75143


If you would rather fax a copy of your chart or drawing, please fax your copies to the number below:

Call or Text

As always, feel free to call or text any questions you may have or to talk us through what you are looking for. We have built hundreds of charts from information gathered over the phone.  Simply call or text to the number below:

903 - 910 - 8488