Hitting Is Mental

Hitting Is Mental


There is so much difference in the output between the player who thinks he is going to hit and the player who hopes he gets a hit. The difference is not only in that particular at-bat but can well affect the player’s next at-bat. Knowing and hoping usually produce two different results and both approaches usually carry over to other at-bats.

Doubt in a player's mind causes them to press and worry. This lets all the fundamentals a player has worked on fly right out the window. There cannot be any doubt, and usually when a player puts forth the proper time and work ethic toward being a good hitter, he or she has the confidence to get a hit. Does it always happen? No. But don't worry.

A committed player will come back in the next at-bat – mind clear – and find a way to make something happen for the player and for the team.

From striking out to hitting a clutch homerun is a mental adjustment. More than likely, if you think you’re going to get a hit……you’re going to get a hit!