Load Your Information Vault!


Be more informed than the other dugout!

Who leads your program in quality at-bats?

Which hitter moves runners with a higher success rate?

Which player handles the mentality aspect of the game the best?

Baseball is an attitude and yes, we grade it.


Backing up bases isn’t in a scorebook or in a stat program, but it is an integral part of the game.

That’s why at GameGrade, we provide that stat in our GameGrade Grading Dashboard.



We track Player Performance more in-depth than your scorebook or your stat program.


GameGrade provides information for coaches and players giving an inside track to player performance and player knowledge better than anyone. You can always go back through the scorebook to count….and re-count and compare…..and re-compare, how many times players have moved runners successfully or laid down a sac bunt successfully. Or you can use GameGrade and have the information ready to post by your lineup card in the locker room and dugout SHOWING the success of these players.


Situations dictate personnel and while gut feelings are good and percentages are great, solid data is just that……solid. 

Combine a gut feeling and percentages with a GameGrade score and you truly have it all. Solid.


GameGrade provides a Team Leaderboard that is instantly updated when you grade your players.

You always have updated data. With Gamegrade, you can provide more information for you, your coaches and your players.

We also have a free template for pitchers and a practice grading template. 

Check out our Quality At-Bat grading template. It's also FREE. Here's the Link:   GameGrade QAB Template


We’re here for YOU.

Accountability at GameGrade is free and always will be. We also understand there are different philosophical boundaries.

That’s why we provide inexpensive subscriptions. You can have total access to GameGrade and the Pitch Locator PLUS for 365 days for less than $20.


We will always be working to help you be the most informed.