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We have received outstanding feedback on our recent Pitch Locator PRO release.

In the new release, Coaches can now track Velocity in the Game Mode as well as the Bullpen Mode. These velocities are exported and now the Pitch SEQUENCE is exported, as well.





At the top of the feedback list is the ability to quantify Quality Pitches in the Bullpen Mode. Next on the list is the ability to export/email a Player’s Pitching Data, which as mentioned, now includes Velocity and Sequence.


"I love the ability to immediately forward the reports to email."

--Troy O'Neil- University of Delaware-  Pitching Coach 


Currently we are working to expand that export, including visuals in a Webpage Format!

If you haven’t updated for the 2019 Season, please do so. If you haven’t tried the PRO, we believe you will find great value in the app when used in your Program.


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