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General Subscription

General Subscriptions are FREE. All we ask is that you become a Registered User. With a General Subscription you have FREE access to grading your players using our default templates.

Download the Pitch Locator PLUS from the app store and you will be able to view pitches/at-bats online! The app is FREE and so is the tracking data you upload!

You also have access to our charts.

You will be able to download any 1 chart for FREE. Once you have reached your download quota, charts will be $8.00+tax/chart.



Personal Subscription

A Personal Subscription with GameGrade is very affordable. $10.00+tax for a YEAR will allow you to make a grading template that fits within your philosophical boundaries. It will be YOUR grading system. No one but you and your coaches will have access to your templates. With your Personal Subscription, you will be able to RANK your players and have access to your own LEADERBOARD.

With a Personal Subscription, you can download the FREE Pitch Locator app and filter your data per player/batter sequence/inning and more! All for only $15+tax/year!

Choosing the Personal Subscription gives you full access to the GameGrade grading system and allows you up to 10 chart downloads. Once you have reached your download quota, charts will be $8.00+tax/Chart.



Optimal Subscription

$20+tax/Year gets you an ALL - ACCESS pass to GameGrade. You now have the option to make your own grading template.You will have the ability to RANK your players and have your own LEADERBOARD. The Optimal Subscription allows unlimited access to our charts. When a new chart is developed by GameGrade or shared by another coach*, you can download that chart FREE.

Also, Optimal Subscribers DO NOT PAY A CHART FEE

Full access allows you unlimited filtering and an online pitching chart! Download the Pitch Locator PLUS, upload your pitches and you have ALL the data you need to keep your players informed!



Also, as an Optimal Subscriber, you will get to choose a GameGrade Chart to be customized free of charge. You pick the chart, we make it yours!


*Coach Submitted Charts are excluded unless the coach shares the chart(free). The fee for Customization for Coach Submitted Charts is the same as a GameGrade Chart.