GameGrade Worksheets






GameGrade Worksheets are designed to fit and follow a Coaches style of Player Accountability. We make worksheets that follow along with Game Film, Practice Film, Lineup Cards, Scoresheets, Scorebooks, Practice Plans, Personnel Plans, Pitching Charts Hitting Charts and many other charts and accountability tools coaches use.

We sincerely mean that IF YOU CAN DREAM IT-WE CAN BUILD IT.

Many of the Worksheets we build are customized in Team Colors with a Team Logo. One of our biggest requests is for Individual Worksheets each player can fill out on their own or a position coach can fit into a pocket and carry on the field or court for live grading of practices and games. The data from these individual cards are then consolidated onto a TEAM Worksheet.

Once a Customized Worksheet is complete, we can build a Grading Template.

Word for Word and in exact order. All to your specifications.


Our Worksheets are held in high regard and are used on a daily basis. We’ve pieced together conversations as to why coaches use our Worksheets and why they have an advantage when it comes to coaching efficiently and effectively.


Building Relationships

Part of building relationships with athletes is being realistic with them.

Grading a player builds the trust factor between player and coach.

Honesty with a player is key to that trust and there are no smoke and mirrors in GameGrade Worksheets.

The great thing about worksheets is that they don’t go away.

You don’t have to be in a player’s ear 24/7. The worksheets do that for you.

They are there every day players show up to the field house or locker room. Worksheets are tucked in weekly reports and posted in dugouts.

Worksheets are constant reminders of what players need to do to be successful in your program and reminders of corrections that need to be made.



Being A Good Teammate

The adage: ‘What’s popular isn’t always right and what’s right isn’t always popular’ usually always holds true. Good teammates do what’s best for the team.

Nobody wants to be an ‘out’. But sometimes a hitter must sacrifice their at-bat for a run.

Great teams are separated from good teams not by the number of runs they score but by the number of runners they move.

So bunting may not be what a player necessarily wants to do, but if the situation calls for it, a good teammate comes through.



Grading The Brain

Mental mishaps occur in all sports.

Not backing up a base is not in a scorebook. It’s not an official stat and it’s has nothing to do with physical ability.

But it’s on a GameGrade Worksheet.

And when the worksheet is posted, it becomes a daily reminder.

Why wait until a ball gets by the 3rd baseman and the winning run scores to make it a point to players?




Being Competitive

GameGrade Worksheets stir the competitiveness in athletes. Who doesn’t want to be at the top of a list?

Athletes are competitors. That’s why we have a GameGrade Leaderboard, as well.


Football Coach Thomas Maxwell summed up his use of his GameGrade Worksheet:


"We use our GameGrade Customized Worksheet to hold players accountable.  Not only do we grade their performance, we use the worksheet as a teaching tool that highlights the positives as well as the negatives so that the young men can become better players and hopefully better young men.   It’s easy to yell at a player when he’s done wrong or praise him when he’s done well but those are brief moments in time.  The Customized Worksheet and comments give the players a point of reference for building accountability that hopefully, will last a lifetime."

--Thomas Maxwell