PL+ with an Optimal Subscription




GameGrade Optimal Subscribers have it all for just $10/year! Optimal Subscribers have access to the camera roll and the ability to filter their data as well as an online pitching chart!

Optimal Subscribers will also have a complete pitching chart with the following information available:


Inning the at-bat occurs

Batter to whom the pitches are thrown

Player Name

Number of Player

Pitch Sequence- 1,2,3,etc.

Type of Pitch Thrown

Hit/Swing/No Swing/Foul, etc.

Side- Left or Right

Notes- Outcome of the at-bat





Each pitch uploaded is listed along with data input including outcome of the at-bat!





Exporting your data gives you a hard copy for each player or coach. OR carry one to the dugout for the next time you face this pitcher!




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