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2019 College World Series Game 1 Example


Pitch Locator Pro is the premier app for tracking pitcher statistics.

Tired of keeping up with pieces of paper for every game and bullpen?

Would you like an app that stores and calculates the most relevant metrics when your child is on the mound or in the circle? How about your team's pitchers or opponents?

Then Pitch Locator Pro is the app for you!

Great in the bullpen!

Instant feedback for pitchers and coaches.

Track Quality Pitches in the bullpen. 

Replay every pitch of the bullpen session.


With Pitch Locator Pro you can:

- Track each pitch of a game for any number of pitchers

- Track/Export VELOCITY

- Track/Export SEQUENCE

- Gain detailed game statistics

- Conduct bullpen sessions and replay each pitch

- Export game and bullpen stats to excel

          *EXCEL allows you to organize your captured

            data for coach/player presentation.

- Export Spray Charts

- Use Smart Scout to rank and scout pitchers for various teams

- View live statistics during a game for instant coaching feedback

- Replay EVERY Game pitch and at-bat outcome


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Spray Chart







In-Game Pitching Stats







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Pitcher Hot Zones/Successful Pitches