GameGrade Payment Information


A Work Order is not a Bill or Invoice. Our Work Order is an Estimate based on your request. When all work is complete and Samples are approved, you will receive an Online Invoice for convenient online payment. If you are paying  via check, please let us know ahead of time and we will send a GameGrade Invoice.

Tax Exempt Status is reserved for institution and organization checks and credit cards. If you pay with with a personal check or credit card, tax will be charged. If you are using your Tax Exempt organization's check or credit card, please forward the Tax Exempt Information/paperwork.



Payment Methods


Tax Exempt

     -Check or Credit Card must be from the exempt institution or organization.

     Using a personal credit card or personal check does not meet Tax Exempt status.

     Please forward Tax Exempt Info asap.



     -Check via mail.

     -$35 Charge on Returned Checks

     -Credit Card online. We do not take Credit Card numbers over the phone.

      We never see your credit card information. 

     *Please do not email your credit card information.

      The only information we will request via email are logos/team information/address verification


Online Invoice

     -When all is approved, we will forward an Online Invoice for convenient credit card payment.



Purchase Order

     -If using a Purchase Order, please provide the PO# and Tax Exempt information.

     Providing this information at the start of the ordering process helps prevent delays in receiving your purchased products.


Please email: if you have any questions or concerns about paying for your order.