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Velocity Tracking

Pitch Sequence/Velocity included in the Data Export


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The Pitch Locator PRO was designed by a Pitching Coach and developed on the premise of tracking pertinent pitch data with your device. All data is stored in your device with the option of exporting to players-coaches-scouts.

Pitch Locator Pro is the premier app for tracking pitcher statistics. No more pencil/paper. Our new app stores and calculates the most relevant metrics when your Pitcher is on the mound or in the circle or when scouting opponents. Scouting has never been smarter! Whether tracking pitches or at-bats, the PL PRO does both.

Pitch Menus

Baseball- Fastball

                -2 Seam

                -4 Seam




Split Finger



Softball-  Fastball





 Backdoor Curve

                Drop Curve





Pitching Coaches

Bullpen sessions have never had better digital tracking and instant feedback of where pitchers are throwing and if they are hitting their spots.

Quality Pitches are tracked throughout the session and when finished, your pitcher’s Quality Pitch Percentage is calculated giving you and your pitchers instant feedback to the success rate of the session.

With our Play Back feature, you can replay EVERY pitch of a bullpen session.









All At-Bats, Current Hitter and The Next Batter. Now, when calling pitches, you have the data on who’s at the plate as well as who is up next. Set-up pitches are a must and our app allows you to look ahead and call the perfect pitch at the perfect time.

Our Pitch Sequence feature allows you to see the order of pitches thrown as well as what the hitter did with each pitch.

Red- Strike  CH

Blue- Ball  CH

Swing/Miss- CH 

Foul- CH 



Instant Stats











Hot Zones

The PL PRO will track pitches inside our 9 section Strike Grid. Our At A Glance feature allows you to see the number of pitches in each section as well as shades of red or blue in each section differentiating specific hot zones. If a pitcher throws 6 pitches in the middle left section, that particular section will ‘heat up’ and show red while the lower left section with 2 pitches will show a blue color. Also, the hotter the zone, the darker the number in that section.






Pitch Success

Pitch success is tracked as pitch type within the grid. The more Change-Ups thrown for strikes, whether hit or called, the more successful the pitch.






Post Game


PL Exports

Automatically build your scouting reports. Data exports as a working .csv file that opens in Excel, allowing you to present the data in raw form directly to your player/coaches/scouts or customize your reports for coaches/players/scouts.

All pitching data is included in the file as well as each at bat.







Each export will include a spray chart showing where balls were hit to throughout the game, as well as the outcome of each at-bat.

Along with the spray and stats, every at-bat, pitch count of every at-bat, as well as outcome of each at-bat is catalogued in the app and listed in the export.







- Use Smart Scout to rank and scout pitchers for your team or your opponents
- Track each pitch of a game for any number of pitchers
- Gain detailed Game statistics

     -Big 3: 

     Total Pitches

     1st Pitch Strikes

     Earned Runs

-Instant Bullpen Feedback

            -Track Quality Pitches

            -Quality Pitch Percentage

            -Play back EVERY Pitch of a Bullpen Session

-Data Export

            -Game/Bullpen Stats to Excel

            -Spray Charts

           -Real Time Stats for instant Coaching Feedback




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