From The Bench: A Coaches' Contribution

You’ve heard it. You’ve seen it. Maybe you have lived it. “TRUST THE PLAN.”

All good programs have a plan, a recipe so to speak, to win championships. These plans are usually put together well before the season starts. For coaches they include potential outcomes as well as learning experiences from years past.

As a player, this is the one thing that you control. You, and only you, are responsible for being prepared to make a run at a championship. Your coach will be providing a path. Your parents will be providing encouragement. But the bottom line is— YOU control your preparation.

How hard are you willing to work? How loyal are you to your teammates, coaches and yourself? If something seems less important to you, do you back off or do you trust your coaches and teammates and work ‘full steam ahead’??


Coaches-     1. Have a plan for Fundamental Instruction

                       a. Organized Workouts for ALL positions


Players-       1. Accept Your Role

                       a. Trust Your Coaches and Teammates


Parents-       1. Support ALL Coaches and Players





In the end, the team that has players, coaches and parents all trusting the plan laid in place, is the team that wins championships.