Keep Your Eye on the Prize

It’s that time. The time when College Conference Tournaments are going to start the process of determining who goes to Omaha in June.  The time, at the High School level, when state playoffs begin determining which teams are going to be State Champions.


Generally, the most focused teams play the longest through Post Season. The teams who can raise their level of play, do things right and demand their teammates do the same are tough to beat.

Accountability in practice can raise a player’s or team’s focus and what a great time to do so as many teams will soon be in the situation where if they don’t win, they are done.


It’s NOT time to let off the gas!


It is time to stress focus, productivity and doing things right!


That’s why we have put together a GameGrade Baseball/Softball Playoff Practice Template. It’s designed for individual players and it’s free, very simple and very effective. We’ve also made a 5 x 8 practice card available to have with you on the field. It’s also free. The player can keep it themself or assign them a teammate or coach to objectively grade. There are many different ways to assess players without all the burden on one coach.


Reward high GameGrade scorers with extra cuts, a minute off their timed run or not having to pick up equipment or gear! They’ll be competitive and they’ll love it!


Using the card and template not only help you with practice accountability, they help your players keep their eye on the prize! It doesn’t cost you a thing!

So how can you afford NOT to try it??


 Click the Card below to download to your Device


Request your 5x8 Individual Player Practice Card at:



 Practice Template




The Template is ready to go! All you have to do to access the template is follow these steps:


To set up your Dashboard for Practice- 

>Go to your MyPage and enter your athletes

>Add an Event

     - Ex:  Monday Workout/Tuesday Workout/etc.

>Click ‘GameGrade’ and choose the Playoff Practice Template



After practice, collect the cards and have a coach or manager enter the grades.


A few button clicks and you have a grade for the workout!


So whether you're just starting your season or wanting to raise your player's focus to a playoff level: