Starting A New Season?

Starting a New Season:


Hopefully GameGrade has helped you with your accountability and you are back for another season!

We want to make it easy for you to start your next season.

You have the option of clearing games one at a time OR all at once. It’s up to you!

We highly recommend you completely clear your season.

As for your players, we know that some will be returning so it is best to delete those one at a time. So, if a player is returning, he can also clear his account before you start the next season.

Here’s how:

Go to your MyPage and click ‘Preferences’ on the left sidebar.


At the bottom of your list is the ‘Clear All Account’ link.



Clicking this link will delete your past season and clear the way for the next one. If there are any contests you want to save, print them out before you click the link!

This will allow you to keep your same account and start a new season. Your games will be completely deleted from your account, but your players will remain. Simply delete them one at a time as, more than likely, some will be returning. Same for any coaching changes you may have in your program.