D-Line Ropes

....your d-linemen actually ADD to your over-all Team Speed??

A defensive lineman who can run is truly an asset! The problem there-in, lies the fact that an O-lineman is trying to slow him down or take him out of the point of attack all together.

Train your defensive linemen to lift their knees.

Even if they’re not going over anyone, lifting their knees builds the good habit of keeping their feet moving. And as long as they are moving, they are harder to block.

A daily dose of ropes is a great builder of high-knee habits. Take a few minutes in your individual session to do the following:


High Knee Run Through

High Knee Every Square

High Knee Linebacker (Lateral)

High Knee Crossover


Running Backs aren’t the only ones on the field who need high knee training. Make the big boys pick them up and put them down, as well. You’ll see a difference!