The Qualities of a Setter

Of course, she must have good hands, coordination, speed and flexibility. But there are other factors to consider in picking your setter.

1- If at all possible, you must find someone with emotional stability. Your setter must remain calm under pressure, and not experience dramatic mood swings that will effect her performance. Part of her job will be to motivate and encourage everyone else when things aren't going well.

2-She must be intellegent, and understand the game well enough to make smart setting decisions. She needs to be able to perceive the overall picture of each play and of the game as a whole.

3-She needs to be confident in her own ability, and have the belief that if she takes charge of a given situation, she can have a positive impact.

4-She has to have broad shoulders, and be able to take the pressure away from more volatile players. (I.E. taking responsibility for hitting errors in critical situations.)

5-By putting her own ego second, she needs to be able to make everyone around her feel like they are better players, such as making hitters believe that all putaways are the results of great hits, but all hitting errors are the results of poor sets.

Finding a setter with all these qualities is difficult, but if you can find her, she can make a huge difference in your team's success.