GameGrade- An Official Stat

Make a GameGrade score a Stat in YOUR Program!



Players respond to expectations.

Players knowing your attributes (fundamentals) list will pay close attention to that list.


The fundamentals become very real, concrete, attainable items they strive for. Now the dugout, locker room and bus rides are not just buzzing about hits and errors. No, those places are buzzing about HUSTLE-OPPOSITE FIELD HITS-ADVANCING RUNNERS-MENTAL ERRORS-ETC.


Running hard down the line is expected. If it affects a player’s grade, he or she gets an immediate consequence for not doing so (besides an earful from the coach).

If Running 100% at each base is part of your grading system, players KNOW you’re watching for it and will in turn Run 100% at each base!

Running hard down the line now has become IMPORTANT to them because they know it is important to YOU.




Many coaches are building templates to grade PRACTICE! What a great idea!

Here’s an example of a simple BP template used by a coach to grade his hitters during BP. Obviously, his players know he is stressing line drives, ground balls and successful bunts:






Each hitter is graded every BP workout.



What a great way to load up on information for players and provide feedback for parents and other coaches!




With GameGrade, there is NO Gray Area. None.

Either a fundamental is performed or it isn’t.

Try GameGrade. It’s free.