Teach - Solve - Lead

Written and narrated by Bill Curry in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, "The Huddle" captures football's role in bringing people together and breaking down hardened barriers and prejudices. Bill Curry was the head football coach Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Alabama, and Kentucky. He played at Georgia Tech (1962–1964) and then in the NFL for ten seasons with the Green Bay Packers (1965–1966), the Baltimore Colts (1967–1972), the Houston Oilers (1973), and the Los Angeles Rams (1974).




We have always believed that Good Coaches are Good Teachers and vice versa.

The Baseball Coach competently showing HS Sophomores how to work Dihybrid Crosses is more than likely the Biology Teacher competently working with the middle infield on turning Double Plays.


Coaches are Problem Solvers.


This Spring being prime example.


Suddenly teachers who started careers using chalk on chalkboards were using document cameras in a Google Classroom. Coaches who once used the word ‘zoom’ for how fast a baserunner moved, were now using the software version to have player/coach meetings instead of practices.


We Adjust.

We Solve.

We Overcome.


Coaches and Teachers are Problem Solvers and those that can make their commitment for a long, long time, come A Long Way, Together.


Keep up the good work. Teach-Solve-Lead.


We are here when you need us.