The 2-Strike Swing

How many times have you seen a game end with a bases loaded strikeout? How many times have you been on base in this situation? Or maybe you were the one striking out. At the High School level and below, the 2-strike swing can be THE difference.


Seldom do you see a change in a hitter's swing at the upper levels. But understand the difference. At the D-1 level and the Major League level, all these guys do is swing, swing, swing. This doesn't happen at the lower levels. Time, maturity and other things in their lives don't allow younger players to groove their swing in the same manner as the upper level players.

 And it seems that the last swing of one of those games is the biggest.


My point? Why not cut down on your swing, put the ball in play and make the defense get an out? Why get the out for them? Not many things frustrate a pitcher more than hitters working the count and getting base hits with a 2-Strike Count.


As a hitter, you MUST have a "Put The Ball In Play" mentality. Cutting down on your swing with two strikes and just putting the ball in play actually turns the odds in your favor. It doesn't have to be a hard hit ball, a line drive or anything else extraordinary to turn those odds. Simply get the bat on the ball, put it in play and give yourself and your teammates a chance to at least extend the game.



Choke up on the bat.

-This allows for more bat control.

Widen your stance.

-This does 2 things in YOUR favor:

1. Narrows the strike zone.

2. Helps take the hips out of the swing.



With 2 strikes you want MORE HANDS and LESS BODY in the swing.