The Sacrifice Bunt

The Sacrifice Bunt



Bringing the bat to a bunting position should not be taken for granted. It requires timing that a player can get from the dugout and from the on-deck circle. Have your timing down and be ready to swing or square when your coach signals for a sac bunt.


Sacrifice means to “give oneself up”. As the bunter, it is not your job to get on base.

It is your job to move any runner or runners on base. Therefore, your total focus should be to bunt the ball on the ground, not getting out of the box.

Doing your job advances the runner. Doing your job will probably result in you being thrown out at first base.


Not doing your job may result in       

A:        The lead runner being thrown out.

B:        The lead runner being doubled up with a ball in the air instead of on the ground.


The sacrifice is one of the greatest, most unselfish plays in sports.