Rebound Tip Ins


Rebound Tip-Ins
 ...and get taller and stronger, the tip-in shot will likely become a bigger part of your game.

There will be times when it is better to tip the ball back into the basket than it is to actually come down with the rebound and attempt a follow-up shot. Tip in shots take lots of practice, and a fair amount of physical skill. Practice this shot, but only attempt tip-in shots during games when you are actually pretty good at doing them in practice situations.

Start 4 or 5 feet out from the basket to one side and toss the ball up against the backboard so it will bounce off the rim. As the ball is bouncing off the rim, jump up and try to tip the ball in with your right hand (from the right side). Do this 5 times. Then, switch to the left hand side of the rim. Toss the ball up so that it bounces off the rim, jump up and try to tip the ball in with your left hand.

You may want to start off by trying to put the ball back into the rim with 2 hands at the same time. As you get better, you can actually try one-handed tip-ins. The key is to time your jump properly, and use your fingertips to guide the ball back into the rim. It takes lots of practice. But in time, you should be able to utilize the tip in on occasion. Remember though: rebounding the ball, coming down with the ball, then going back up with a strong power move is often a better shot than a tip-in (which can often be a lower percentage shot).