Unexpected Results

Coach 'Completeness' by fine-tuning strengths and building on weaknesses.


This is about being a complete teammate. Grading players and games allows players, parents and coaches to “quality control” every single aspect of a contest. A competitive player works to get his or her name at the TOP of the list and competitive players lead to successful outcomes. Posting a GameGrade in a locker room stokes the fire of a competitive athlete. Accountability leads to coachability. They will listen and they will learn like never before!

And the GameGrade website helps do this at NO COST. From the first pitch to the last second game winning shot, GameGrade will take any game-specific attribute, apply a number to it and spit out a COMPLETE grade for each player. So just because a player didn’t score 4 touchdowns in the last game doesn’t mean he had a bad game. What about all the successful blocks and extra efforts? There’s a grade. And it’s a good one! It’s GAMEGRADE!