Vanderbilt at Texas A&M- Pitching Report


College Station, TexasOlsen Magic crept it’s way into Blue Bell Ballpark once again.

Down 7-2 in the 8th, the  Aggies scored 5 runs on 2 hits, highlighted by Cam Blake’s shot to the CF wall, scoring 3 runs and earning the Aggie Outfielder and triple in the scorebook.

Jonathan Ducoff, entering the 8th as a Pitch Hitter, goes 2-2 and ends up with the game winning single, scoring Ty Condel who had reached on a Fielder’s Choice.

Patrick Raby started on the mound for Vanderbilt, throwing 5 innings and 101 pitches with 11 First Pitch Strikes. Patrick ended his outing with a Strike % of 63.4.

Other Pitchers for the Commodores include:

Jackson Gillis with a Strike % of 61

Ethan Smith with a Strike % of 36.3

Zach King with a Strike % of 58.62


King ended up with the loss as he gave up 4 hits, 2 walks, 1 HBP  in 29 Pitches.

Below is Data gathered by the Pitch Locator PRO app- Powered by GameGrade:

FINAL:  Vanderbilt  7   Texas A&M  8





Pitch by Pitch






*Not official data. Data from the PL PRO Export is gathered by coaches/staff of GameGrade.