Can You Throw 90 MPH?





Consistently?  On the Black?  Just below the knees and sinking?






TRUE Story  Philadelphia Phillies Minor League Spring Training 1987



I walked up to a bullpen session.  The  guy pitching looked like a gift straight out of God’s hands and put on the earth to throw a baseball.  6’5″ 220.


And throw it he could,  94/95 mph on the corners, mid 80′s slider and nasty change-up he could throw anytime.  He might have been the best pitcher I had ever seen that close.


I was dying to watch this guy pitch in a spring training game.  Final warm up pitches are done.  It is time to take the mound. I am thinking I might be watching the Next Roger Clemens. (Hey it’s 1987)



Then something unbelievable happened.  He lost his mind!  He could not throw a strike.


When he did, it was at about 85, straight and getting pounded all over the yard.


Now how does this guy go from looking like the next All-Star Game Starting Pitcher to an average High School pitcher in 15 minutes?


There is more to pitching then being able to throw 90 MPH.


As a High School Pitcher you have to learn the mental side of pitching.


Your ability to make great pitches with the game on the line will be what defines your pitching career.


Nobody will remember the pitcher that could throw 95 if it is only in the bullpen.


Take the time to learn what it really takes to be an elite high school pitcher.

-By Darrell Coulter bio