Bunt, Bunt, Handling the Bunt, and Bunt….

by Coach Manny Perez bio


.....that every hitter in the line-up should be able to execute every possibly type of bunt. 

I understand that bunting alone won’t help me win games, but I do believe that it will manufacture runs.  Schools may have limited power at the plate, therefore a solid power offense might be hard to display on a game to game basis.  However, bunting is not a hard task to execute and proper bunting can easily account for more base runners in return more runs.  And let’s keep in mind that the team with the most runs always wins the game.

Key points to remember when bunting:

  • DON’T JUST GO THROUGH THE BUNTING MOTIONS!!  When practicing bunting, demand perfection AT ALL TIMES.  If there is one aspect of baseball where high school players will just go throw the motions, it is bunting.
  • ALWAYS hustle down the line regardless of what type of bunt it is.
  • Preach to your players the importance of every type of bunt.  Literally break down every bunt and cover all aspect of the specific bunt and explain why it is that you do it.
  • Give live looks when practicing bunting.  To become a better bunter, players must be challenged.  In Avery we use the ATEC Hitting Streak as our bunt machine.  This machine will challenge even Rod Carew.
  • Have a reward system for successful bunt executions.  GameGrade is an excellent example of rewarding players for successful bunts.



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