Philosophical Boundaries


Turning a double into a triple is an expectation.

Throwing a first pitch strike is an expectation. If the opportunity arises, is your team ready?

What are your expectations?

Great Coaches are great problem solvers. As an example, they not only teach the little things in baserunning, they also expect great effort from their baserunners. There are no drills for effort. Effort comes from expectations. Expectations are encompassed by philosophical boundaries and ultimately a team’s success can be driven by those expectations.

At GameGrade, we focus on the game from a unique perspective.

Batting averages, fielding averages, etc. are important. But many times the highest batting average doesn’t always belong to the best player. How huge is the player in your program who can hit to the opposite field? That attribute is not scored in a scorebook.

It is at GameGrade.

So is moving runners, hitting the cut-off, negative body language, mental errors……just to name a few.

Great Coaches don’t always have the 'perfect' pieces to complete the puzzle.

But what they do have is the ability to take the pieces they have and make them work, ie. moving runners and hitting the cut-off.

All of these important attributes are here for you.

A free registration entitles you to any of our default grading templates. Also, at no charge, you can upload your pitches from our free Pitch Locator PLUS app and view the at-bats online.

Give GameGrade a look. It’s free and you’ll be glad you did!