Mental Secrets

5 Mental Secrets

by Darrell Coulter Bio 


Today is a great time to be a pitcher.

There have never been more opportunities to achieve and reach all you pitching goals and dreams.

As you continually improve as a pitcher the opportunities to play college, independent or Professional baseball will open up to you.

The best college and pro pitchers got to that level by focusing on 5 mental secrets.

  1. Their Motivation
  2. Their Knowledge of Pitching
  3. Their Preparation
  4. Their Work Ethic
  5. Their Competitiveness

So can you!

Every one of those pitchers started right where you are right now.  Great pitchers aren’t born that way, don’t get me wrong some have God-given talent and abilities, but that alone won’t get you to where you want to go.

Pitchers are made through their training, preparation and competitiveness.  Elite pitchers are always learning and looking for ways to improve.  They are constantly making little adjustments to fine tune every aspect of their pitching plan.


Pitching is nothing more than a set of dedicated refined routines.

The routines are made up of series of actions and reactions that every pitcher should make before, during and after every pitch.

Every pitch is a result of days, months and years of practice and preparation.

The confidence that elite pitchers have in every pitch they throw is directly tied to the amount of practice and preparation they put in to being a great pitcher.  They never quit testing, tracking and tweaking what they have learned over the years.


Your opportunities will be 100% based on what you learn, how you practice, how you prepare and how you pitch.

No pitcher ever got to the Majors Leagues by luck or wishful thinking.

I know it sounds easier said than done, and you would be right.  Becoming an elite pitcher takes an incredible work ethic and attitude.

What you think is what you will become.


Do you know what the top pitchers are thinking about all the time?

They think about what kind of pitcher they want to be and what it is going to take to be that pitcher.

They become obsessed with pitching.  It’s all they think and talk about.   All their energy and focus is on learning and doing whatever it takes to stay on top.  They know there are pitchers out there working their butts off to take their job.


They don’t make excuses, they find solutions.

That’s why they are where they are.

The truth is a lot times there is very little difference between you and the top pitchers in the world.  There are pitchers in the Majors Leagues from all over the world.  Some from the poorest countries in the world, yet they never gave up.

They took advantage of their opportunity.


The single most important factor in your dream of becoming an elite pitcher is your work ethic.

The best pitchers in the world have great work ethics.  Their work ethic pushes them through all the trials and failures that every pitcher goes through.  Their work ethic refuses to let them quit just because something is hard, they persevere no matter what life throws their way.

Another major factor will be your confidence in your talents and abilities.

I will just tell you now that all your confidence will be a direct result from your preparation, practice and competitiveness.

Keep in mind that your work ethic and confidence are intimately related.  If you have a great work ethic it will help build your confidence in everything you do and vice versa the more confidence you have the harder you will work to succeed and win.


Your confidence and work ethic is all based on what you want and what you think.

When you think, prepare and practice like the best pitchers in the world it will open doors and opportunities that you never dreamed possible.

What you think is what you become.


Think Positive and Redefine Impossible

That’s when your Dreams will come true.

Start Chasing Amazing Today.