Metrics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly




How do you measure a player?

How do you measure a team?


Different coaches teach different techniques, different philosophies.


The goal is the same everywhere. What’s best for a team is determined by the coaching staff and taught within the Head Coaches’ philosophical boundaries. What works in one program doesn’t always work in another. The key: CONSISTENCY!


Expecting players to make free throws when they’re tired. 

Expecting hitters to get the squeeze bunt down when needed.

Taking the proper angle to tackle the running back in the 4th quarter.


Making players aware of expectations and consistency is an important ingredient in successful programs.

Different players have different abilities, but they are all expected to contribute as a teammate to some degree.

Obviously, more is asked of some than others with the bottom line being that a fundamental is either performed the way it is coached or it isn’t. Regardless of outcome, there are things coaches expect players to do every time.

It’s like taking a test in Math class. The answer is either right or it’s wrong.

And just as that test is graded, a player’s performance and team’s performance can be graded at GameGrade.


Our default templates cover an array of expectations.


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All within your beliefs and philosophical boundaries.


We invite you to give us a try.

Just as students learn from test scores, they learn from GameGrade.


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list of attributes (fundamentals) coaches across the country are using to keep their players and teams accountable: