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We try to answer questions we have been asked more than once relating to GameGrade. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please direct your questions to: We promise an answer.




Call or Text us at:  903-910-8488


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Q:           I don't have a PayPal account. How do I pay for my order? 

A:           No Worries. You don't need a PayPal account to order GameGrade Charts. Although the invoice comes from PayPal, all you need is a valid                              Credit Card to pay for your order. All invoices give step by step instructions on how to pay the invoice conveniently online. And as always, you                          can email, call or text any questions or concerns to GameGrade and we will be happy to answer in a timely manner.


Q:           I haven't received my Confirmation Email. What do I do?

A:            Contact us and provide a valid email address and we'll activate your account.

               Add GAMEGRADE to your address book to insure you receive our communications including your Confirmation Link and account information.



Q:           What’s the difference between a template, a chart and a worksheet?

A:            A template is a list of attributes within a coaches philosophical boundaries for which he/she wants to hold players accountable.

               A worksheet is a list of those attributes a coach wants graded.

A chart can be anything from keeping the number of carries a running back has/game or season

to a basketball scoresheet. Anything you want to record data on, we consider a chart!


Q:           What are ‘attributes’?

A:            Basically, attributes are fundamentals coaches want to grade.

Ex: ‘Bunting’ is a fundamental of baseball/softball that can be graded as successful or unsuccessful.

‘Completing a pass’ is a fundamental of football that can be graded

               as successful or unsuccessful as can a ‘dig’ in volleyball.


Q:            What are the different types of chart/template customization GameGrade offers?

A:            Specifically, we offer 2 different types of customization for our charts. First, we offer Team

               Customization which includes adding your team's colors and your team's logo.


               Second, if you have a chart idea we will build that chart for you exactly the way you want it.

               You don't pay until the chart is completely done to your specifications. Altering or rearranging our charts also falls under

               this category.


               Template Customization is offered to our Optimal Subscribers. We will make your Grading

               Template to your specifications at no cost to you.


Q:           Can athletes change data I put in?

A:            No. The only way an athlete can manipulate your data is if you give him/her your username

and password. Your athletes can view their data if you simply click the box to create an

account for your athletes. But they cannot change any data as they are registered on a different level than a coach or parent who is tracking the grading numbers.


Q:           I have not received my Confirmation Link to enter the site. What do I do?

A:            First, check your bulk/spam folder. For whatever reason, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail  trap

               the Confirmation Emails into those folders, even after you have registered. If the link isn’t there,

               simply email us at and we will re-send the Link. 


Q:           I don’t remember my password and have not received an email to reset it.

A:            Contact us at and we will reset the password for you. When done,

               simply return to your MyPage, click ‘Preferences’ and change your password to one      

               you prefer.


Q:           I’ve tried calling but only get GameGrade voicemail. When is a good time to call?

A:            You can call anytime. If we are unavailable at the moment, we will return your call as soon as   

               possible.  The best way to contact us is at


Q:           I have an old account and want to start over. What do I do?

A:            Just let us know and we will make your old account inactive or delete it altogether. Whichever

               you prefer. This will enable you to use your same email. Just re-register.


Q:           What are the advantages of inputting my player’s email?

A:            Signing your players into GameGrade is a great way of giving them access to the grading of

               their performances.  This feature alleviates you from having to print copies. Players can

               simply sign into their account (easily created by YOU) and see their score and the score of

               their team. Also, your players will not have to go through the sign-up process. With a simple

               checking of the box, they are signed up!


Q:           What are the advantages of subscribing to GameGrade?

A:            Subscribing gives you ALL - ACCESS to our site. Everything that GameGrade offers is available

               to you. Our chart downloads are unlimited for Optimal Subscribers and any programs developed while

               you are an Optimal Subscriber will be FREE to you.

               Besides program access, we make it easy for Subscribers to sort their attributes AND Subscribers have

               access to their LEADERBOARD. GameGrade deciphers the information for you, if you Subscribe.


Q:           I subscribe, but would rather have you make my templates. How do I get my attribute/value

               information to you?

A:           We have several different options and whichever is the easiest for you works for us.

              You can email your attributes/values to, or fill out the Template Request form

              on our Charts Page and email to us, or call us at 903-910-8488 and we will take the request

              over the phone.


Q:         I want to start a new season. What do I do with all of last seasons grades and start new?

A:         The best thing to do is delete all data. With GameGrade you can either delete each contest one at

            a time or all of them together. Then delete the players who are no longer in your program. We have

            more information in this article.


Q:         What do I do when I get this alert?:

A.         You don't have to change or do anything. This alert does not come from GameGrade. It comes from

            the domain host. If you do get the alert, simply retype your password and you will have normal access

            to GameGrade.