By Kevin Trost-  bio



In today’s game, the hitters will hit the ball. So, we identify a hitter’s weakness, and make them hit the ball where we want: not where they want. The coaching staff, and the catcher provide information for pitch selection, location of pitch, and setting the defense to accomplish this. Focus on one out at a time.




A successful program must have a full-­‐‑time pitching coach, who should handle the pitching and catching duties as one, and develop the pitching game plan and/or assist with the defensive game strategy.


--   Games are won with pitches below the waist.

--   Games are lost with pitches above the waist.

--   A pitcher needs one good pitch above the waist.

--   A pitcher needs one great pitch below the waist.

--   A pitcher needs a great change-­‐‑up.


It’s not the quantity of pitches a pitcher has, but rather the quality of the pitches.

A pitcher needs to focus on 3 to 4 pitches maximum. This will allow for quality bullpens in a timely manner on a daily basis that transforms into game performance.

It’s the location of the pitch that leads to a pitchers success, not the velocity or movement.

The catcher has the greatest impact on the pitcher’s ability to hit their location. Plus, the catcher has the greatest impact on the “break zone” of a pitch relative to the “contact zone” of a hitter.

The best success you will have with a pitcher is to have them focus on the what and where of a pitch; what pitch am I throwing and where am I throwing it. This should be controlled by the coaching staff and based on game preparation. A pitcher will have more success if they let the coaching staff and catcher develop the game plan and adjust the game plan as the game progresses while they focus on what pitch and where to locate it as determined by the coaching staff.

We need 15 ground balls a game, including base hits, to increase the chance of winning by allowing the defense to contribute and impact the game.

If we can average 5 pitches per hitter, 15 pitches per inning, and 105 pitches per game, we will increase our chances of winning.