Solid Accountability





As you know, players have a pretty good radar when it comes to what works, what’s fair and what’s right in a program. A coaches philosophical boundaries are a reflection of his or her expectations.

Keeping players focused and on-track is no easy task. Presenting boundaries and expectations to players not only sets standards within a program but also teaches players the coaches’ view of right vs. wrong.

Let’s examine the attribute-  “Not Running 100% at any base”.  Hustling down the 1B line on a dribbler back to the pitcher is a good thing. It can never be bad, can it?? And if that’s what a coach expects, it should be graded! An overthrow, a drop, etc. can lead to a baserunner. You never know! By grading that attribute a coach is letting players know that it is important, it’s expected and it’s how things are done.

Running 100% is just one example. How a team does the small things often reflects how the coaches do things and what the expectations are.

GameGrade helps set those boundaries and expectations. You can set your own with a Personal or Optimal Subscription. Both are affordable and effective.

Read more below about how GameGrade works and how other coaches are using an accountability model to get the most out of their players!


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